From the series "Stone by Stone"From the series "Stone by Stone"From the series "Stone by Stone"From the series "Stone by Stone"Drew,Stevenson dam,Wrapped tree,Sara's room the day she moved in,Belongings of house guest who stayed for two weeks,Moe,Ryan's bed,Mother and son collecting nuts,Putty used in construction of luxury condominium high-rise,Public bath,Firewood chopped for cooking,Makeshift home of a family squatting on empty lot,Morning bath,Day labourer's lunch sac made from old rice bag,Construction worker with his wife,Young farmer,Cornhusk angel,Jeff and Mary by Long Hungry Creek,Dance floor / Waldorf high school cover-band member’s car,HallwayWe help each other and use kind words,Maypole in January,Two deer three raccoons, The Barefoot Farmer, Gardening tools,Garden hose,Kitchen table,Boots and raincoats,Gnome houses / Meeting space,Tree house,Sledding hill,Play yard,To live with you alone,